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Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes

Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes

If you have never done it before, selling your home can be emotionally consuming but can also take a lot of time. You will be surprised at how much time and effort you will have to put into this process. A lot of strangers will come to examine and poke around in your cabinets and closets. However, they will also criticize the place that you called home for years and, at the end, offer less money than you asked for or expected. Therefore, today we will talk about the mistakes you should avoid if you are selling your house!


Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes

First of all, if you are selling your house for the first time, the most important thing is to organize. Since you don’t know much about house selling, it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and stay sane while you are selling your house, you should inform yourself about the most common mistakes that you should avoid. Selling your house within a reasonable timeline and getting the highest possible price is something every seller wants!

However, whether you are making a long or short-distance move after selling your house, you should also start looking for affordable movers in advance. The moving process is very stressful. A professional moving company will help you pack and relocate your belongings fast and safely.

Let’s see now what kind of mistakes you should avoid in order to sell your home fast and get a good price!

  • Not hiring an Agent
  • Unrealistic Price
  • Expecting to get the price you have asked for
  • Selling during the winter
  • Not offering property photos
  • Not preparing your home for sale!

Not Hiring an Agent

Be wise! If you are selling your home for the first time, you should think of hiring an agent. Even though real estate professionals will ask for a hefty commission, which is usually 5-6% of the sale price of your home, they will also set a competitive and fair price for your lovely home and that will increase the chance for a quick sale. An agent will interact with potential buyers instead of you. They will also eliminate those “fake” buyers who are not planning to make a real offer.

A real estate agent can also help you buy a house in the UK as a non-resident!

If you are a first-time seller, you should hire a real estate agent!

Unrealistic Price

Another common mistake is an unrealistic price. Whether you are working on selling your house with an agent or you are going through the selling process yourself, you should put a valid and realistic price. Remember when you were buying your home? You and your agent went through a comparative market analysis in order to determine a fair offering price. Well, buyers will do the same and if the price is too high, they won’t be interested.

Expecting to get the price you have asked for!

Since almost every buyer will be ready to negotiate and get a lower/better price on the home they are interested to buy, you should be open for the negotiations, too. A lot of people will list their house or property at a price that will attract buyers. But they will leave a little bit of room for negotiation, as well. However, if you are selling your home for the first time, and you have no experience, you should leave the negotiation process to your real estate agent. Here’s how to find the best estate agent in East Belfast to sell your home!

Selling during the Winter

Winter is not a good time of the year for house selling. People are usually too busy with their personal engagements and holidays. Therefore, there won’t be a lot of buyers around and your selling process will take some time. You might even get less money than you asked for. However, things can go in your favor because there are always people who are searching to buy a home and during the winter there won’t be as many competitive sellers. Therefore, if you are lucky, and have a good agent, selling a home fast is possible, even during the winter!

During the winter there won’t be as many competitive sellers. Therefore, you might sell your home fast!

Not offering Property Photos

Almost every buyer will search for homes online nowadays. Since you will be listing your home for sale on some of those online sites, you should add photos that you have prepared in advance. If you don’t offer photos, there won’t be many interested buyers. However, there are a lot of poor pictures of homes that are listed for selling. So, if you do a good job taking those pictures, the interest for your home will increase significantly. You can also check on how to prepare your home for buyers!

Prepare Your Home for Sale!

Many sellers throw their money down the drain because they don’t clean and take care of their homes before they list them for selling. If you can’t, or don’t have time to, clean and prepare your home for sale, hire a professional cleaning service. Visit or give a call to and ask about home cleaning services.

If you fail to prepare and clean your home in advance, it will not only reduce the price, but can also prevent you from selling your home. For example, if you don’t put a little effort into fixing a broken doorknob, buyers will think that the house has even larger issues that haven’t been addressed either. Therefore, you should try to find a friend or an agent to inspect your home thoroughly. They might see some problems that you have gotten used to.

Therefore, you should clean your house and fix both small and big issues. Fix your leaking faucet, fix doorknobs, declutter, and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Get rid of strange odors too, and you will deliver a good first impression on buyers.

The first impression is always important! Therefore, clean your home thoroughly and get rid of strange odors!

Those were the most common mistakes you should avoid if you are selling your house! However, if you are a first time seller, it is highly recommended to hire an agent. Hopefully, you will get a good price. We wish you a good life and a happy move!




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