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Selling Your Home Privately

Selling Your Home Privately

How much is your property worth?

The easiest way to answer this question is with a FREE online property valuation. These can give you a rough idea of the price of your property, offering a starting point on which you can build upon.

The best way to figure out the worth of your property is by doing some research on your local property market. How are similar properties in the area doing, what are they selling for, or not selling for as the case may be?

Something as simple as reading your local newspaper’s property section, can give you a better idea of the value of your house.

Here are a few factors which may affect your properties overall value:

  • Location
  • Current property market
  • Age of the property
  • Condition of the property
  • Improvements that need to be made
  • Neighbourhood

Alternatively, you could choose to book a free professional property valuation. A professional can value your property for free and leave you feeling confident in the price you are selling your house for.

DIY Time

Now you know how much it is worth, it is time to get it ready for the market. Doing some little bits of DIY can dramatically increase the value of your property. Something as simple as a fresh lick of paint will make it look much more aesthetically pleasing and bag a buyer quicker.

Find out more here:

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Think of these as your first impression, so make sure they count! Do your research and see how other people have utilised pictures to show off their good side, and promote their property.

Or read this handy guide all about taking beautiful photos of your home…


This comes second to photos. Once the images have enticed a buyer they will want some more information. So give them want they want.

Try to stay away from emotive language and give them facts, a smaller description will have a greater impact than a long one.

Read more here: How to write the perfect house description


Now it is time to advertise your property.

There are loads of ways you can advertise your property, but it is worth considering your budget and how much work you are willing to put into it. So think carefully about how you want to go about this.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Leafleting
    • Most people move between 3 to 6 miles of their current home, so your buyer is likely to be a neighbour. So keeping things local is actually a very smart move!
  • Notice Boards
  • Local Newspapers
    • Many local newspapers will have a property section, and they may let you list for a small fee.
    • List for FREE!! Absolutely free service where you can list and be seen by thousands of buyers. Save money where it matters.


Be professional. You are the face of your house, so make sure you greet your potential buyers with a smile, make them feel at home; it might become their home. Keep things positive and do not dwell on the negatives. Noone knows your house as well as you do, so use that to your advantage.

It is a good idea to take a look from the other side and see what potential buyers look for when viewing, this will give you an insight into their world and you can, therefore, adapt accordingly.

Top Tips for Viewing a House

Note: You are inviting a stranger into your home, make sure that you have a partner or friend present, safety first!

Negotiate a price

Keep the lowest figure that you would accept in your mind. Don’t be afraid to reject any offers, it is more common than you think.

Just keep a level head and try not to get overwhelmed, stand your ground and you will be fine.

Accepting an offer

Make sure you receive both verbal and written confirmation. It may not be legally binding but it will put all parties at ease.

Instruct a solicitor or conveyancer

Finding a solicitor is just like finding any other service, check out reviews. Ask friends and family who they have used in the past, recommendations are like gold dust.

You can also search for local solicitors or conveyancers on or



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