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How to Increase the Value of your London Property

Owning a property in London is no mean feat. So, when you do have a property, you want to be able to make its value as high as possible. Regardless of whether you are thinking of moving soon, or at some time in the future, it is important to be able to increase the value of your property where you can.

With today’s competitive housing market, it is important to make your home as desirable as you can. This means making it the place where people would do anything to live in. Make it the home of their dreams, and allow them to imagine their perfect life, living in your property.

With this in mind, here are some ideas of what you can do to increase the value of your property in London:

  1. Get a great kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house when it comes to selling it. People can often forgive other rooms not being ideal for them, but the kitchen is often the deciding factor. It is, therefore, important that you make your kitchen as desirable as possible. If you have a beautiful, luxury bespoke kitchen, which is stylish and yet functional, it is possible to show prospective buyers what is possible for their lives.

They say that it is the kitchen that sells a house and so by spending a bit extra you not only add value to your property, but you also get to have the kitchen of your dreams whilst you are living there.

2. Lighting

It is important to get the lighting right in your property. Where at all possible, try and get as much natural light into it. Skylights, large windows or large bi-fold doors that open are a great idea. Having natural light is great for our mental and physical health and is perfect for families.

When it comes to lighting in your home, it is also important to get the right artificial light. Sometimes single room lights can make a space look a little clinical, so lamps and smaller, softer lights can make a home look cosy and inviting. This is another important thing for buyers.

3. Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is another very important room to get right. Prospective buyers want to be able to envisage themselves relaxing in a warm bubble bath or having a quick refreshing power shower. You might not want to replace your bathroom entirely, but you could think about re-tiling or even just re-grouting your bathroom, tidying up any tattiness, buying a new shower curtain and descaling the shower.

Many people love the idea of a power shower and actually turn it on when they are looking around a property. Make sure that your shower is looking good and the shower head is sparkling and descaled in case they do.

4. Extra bedrooms

If you have a loft or cellar which you are not using, it is worth thinking about converting it into an extra bedroom – or some other useful space. It might require a bit of work to be carried out, but this will definitely be financially beneficial in terms of adding value to the property. With an extra bedroom, your property could jump up a notch and make it a home that is a potential for many more people.

If you are thinking about converting your loft or cellar to a bedroom – or another room such as a games room, study or ‘man cave’ it is advised that you speak to an architect so that you understand how it could structurally affect the property and if there are any legal requirements.

5. Sort out the garden

Outside space is greatly valued these days, so make sure that if you have a garden it is tidy and looking like somewhere that people would want to spend their time. If you are able to, it is also a good idea to make it look as low maintenance as possible whilst staying as attractive as possible.

Having places with plants, for children to play, somewhere to sit and maybe somewhere to eat in the garden can be an excellent way to add value to your property. It also means that you can enjoy it too!

It is especially important to make sure that you can add the most value that is possible to your home if you live in London. With high house prices and a lot of competition, it is vital that you can squeeze the most value out of your home that you can.




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