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Guide to SEO & Digital Marketing for Estate Agents with Belfast SEO

SEO is something that anyone with a business needs to know about and estate agents are no different.  In fact, estate agents can seriously benefit from a good SEO strategy.  The problem is that you might not know what to include in your strategy or how to get started.  Fortunately, there are a number of points to consider and learn about that will help you get started.


Do Keyword Research


Keyword research is the foundation for any SEO strategy, but you need to know what to look for.  As the real estate industry is area specific, you need to focus on keywords for the area you operate in.  This will provide you with more targeted traffic and ensure that you are not getting hits on your website from a different country or city.


A lot of estate agents will focus on keywords such as estate agent in their city.  However, there are other keywords that you should also include in your research.  Look into keywords such as houses for sale in your city.  Having a few different keywords to focus on will ensure that you rank for more searches and get more traffic.


During your research, you should also take a look at the longtail searches for your area in terms of property types.  Look at keywords that have room numbers for different types of property or certain features.  People who are looking for these detailed keywords will know exactly what they want and will generally be closer to buying.


The On-Page SEO


One part of your SEO strategy should be your on-page SEO.  This will be the use of keywords in the content on your website.  Your primary keyword is what you need to start with when it comes to on-page SEO.  This should be included in your content as well as the title tag and metadata for your website.  All of this will be found in the backend of your website and will be seen by the search engines.


You also need to include your primary keyword in the H1 tag on your homepage.  This tag will be seen on the homepage and you might want to include more than just the keyword.  This can make your website different to others without hurting your SEO strategy.


Getting the right amount of text on your website is also important because it will impact keyword density.  You do not want to have high keyword density because this will look like spamming to the search engines bots and you will be penalized for this.  The problem is that real estate is a very visual industry and getting enough text often seems like a major challenge.


There are a few ways that you can meet this challenge.  You could have a property search function on your homepage which provides text in the adverts.  You can also have a homepage with information about your business which can help to get the word count up.


Make The Most Of Property Listings


Property listings need to be optimized for the search engines as well.  As these listings will make up the majority of your website content, you have to make the most of them in terms of SEO.  There are a number of steps that you can take to optimize your property listings.


The first is to ensure that the title and H1 tag have a target keyword.  This will generally be different to the one used on your homepage and should relate directly to the property you are showcasing.  Do not try and get the primary keyword for your website into these tags as well because it will cause problems.


Each property listing will also need to have a unique description. While this can be time-consuming it will captivate your visitors and the search engines.  You do not have to write an essay about the property as 100 to 200 words will generally be enough.


Another step to optimizing your property listings is to optimize the images.  The keyword for the property should be used as the name of the images.  Each image should have a different variation to avoid keyword density issues.  You also need to have an alt description for the images which contain your keyword.


SEO is something that all estate agents need to know about.  Optimizing your website will drive traffic, but you need to know what steps to take.


This article has been prepared by Ni SEO Company, the UK’s leading search engine optimisation service for estate agents.




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