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Essential items to pack for your first night in your new home


Make sure that you pack some PJ’s and a change of clothes for the morning!

Packing a few items will mean that you have outfits for future days if you need to, it is always good to be prepared.

Some slippers will make those cold hard floors easier to bear and make you feel a little more at home with your new surroundings.


The obvious go-to for a first night after the big move is a takeaway, and while this is a great idea, don’t forget the eating utensils (cutlery, plates, cups). Disposable ones are preferable so you won’t have to worry about washing up, but if you do, then don’t forget the fairy liquid and a tea towel.

Of course, you will want some bubbly to celebrate! (this is the most essential item)

So, don’t forget the bottle opener/ corkscrew so you can enjoy that celebratory drink on your first night in your new home.

Bin bags are another must have, where else is all that rubbish going to go?

Anti-bac wipes are also a really good idea, just to make sure everything is clean for when you prepare your food.

Don’t forget about breakfast the next day! Grab some croissants, something that can be eaten cold and doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge!

Wash Time!

Towels, toiletries and that all important toilet roll should be at the top of your list!

These small items are often forgotten but they are very important, especially after a long day of moving you will want to feel clean and fresh ready for bed!

Speaking of bed…

Bed Time!

Pack some of your favourite bedding and the all too important air-mattress! Do your back a favour and invest in a nice air bed, one night on the floor won’t help the move in process.

Other Essentials

Charger! Probably one of the most important items to pack, without this how else are you going to listen to The Spice Girls or watch last week’s episode of Love Island?

Torch – There may not be lightbulbs in every area of the house yet, so grab a little torch so you won’t fall down any steps or walk into any walls in the dark!

1st Aid Kit – Speaking of walking into walls… just in case you hurt yourself in this new environment, make sure that you pack a simple first aid kit. You never know when it might come in handy.


Now go and explore your new home! Order a pizza in, grab a glass of champagne and toast to your future!



Claire Coutts

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